Storm for the Adored

by Anaïs Believe

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Love is a journey that takes you through storms as well as calm seas. Storm for the Adored takes all shades of blue into consideration. Live delicate piano songs to be paired with the poetry book, Storm for the Adored.


released April 20, 2019

piano, vocals, all lyrics by Anaïs Believe


all rights reserved



Anaïs Believe

Anaïs Believe hails from the Canadian wilderness. She has come to enjoy such modern things as electric tea kettles.
She is a self taught pianist and a classically trained opera singer. She counts Kate Bush, Coil, Tori Amos, and Leonard Cohen as influences.
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Track Name: Sky is Waiting
I’m at the door
Do you want to know
The things I saw
Do you want to know
The things I know
Bleed it out
Riot of toxins
Down to the earth
I saw the moon
In a blue sky
I saw the moon
And I knew
No one can take
The sky
Be brave tonight
Look up
Don’t you settle into
Don’t you know
Look up
Look up tonight
I’ll see it with you
Track Name: Dust to Dust, Rise
Do I dare-
I’ve been here for years
I want more
You were my friend;
You were my enemy
I was born out of you
Dust to dust, rise
You wanted more
You wanted more
So let’s give it
To you-
I was born daughter
I was born knotted so
I’ve unraveled
I can’t believe you’re gone
Dust to dust, rise
Track Name: Call My Bluff
Is it better late than never?
I wanted you to call my bluff
I waited for you to say don't go
I waited and then I left
I'm sorry I expected you
To feel the way I wanted you to
The way I thought that love should feel
Instead of accepting what you felt
I pick apart all the ways that
I done you wrong
There are so many ways
I done you wrong
I slept beside you
Thinking I knew your dreams
Thinking I could decipher
All your schemes...
Track Name: Time is Forward
I race across the field
With my sister
Down the hill
Can we go back
To the magic
Of the trees
Blowing in the breeze
I knew where to press
I knew all the trees dressed
In their leaves
We got our maple
Can I go back
The snow is in our hearts
As we built snow forts
Drank spiced cider
Laughed and grinned
Then, with love
I am my own best friend
Track Name: Chronically Yours
Falling apart
I’ll keep it to myself
I don’t want to be a burden
I am
It’s hard to know
Hard to feel
My brain in its liquid
The sun sets in
Someone else’s eyes
I saw myself out
Don’t stop you,
Living your dreams
I’m behind you
Though I swallow
screams cause
I’m in pain
On fire
Mind’s on fire
Ribs on fire
Hips on fire
There is not
A shot for this
You don’t need to
Waste away too
It’s okay to feel
Inside and out
It draws against the glass
Am I an aimless
Stone in the end
Too thick to throw in
A skip
It’s coming in the water
Ask the doctors
They don’t know
So can’t I
Track Name: Only Now
Bid adieu to the old me today
Bid adieu to my old dreams
Cut through seams
There is no use living in memory
There is only here and now
And now I must find myself
A new ground
Do I dare rise
Brave from my lair for
I am scared
To the one
I loved, my wound, I lost
I loved
Through the lens of time and dream
I know I caused pain
Forgive me
You are free to fly
Hey don’t delay
Look up
There’s the sky
There is no use looking back
There is no use; it’s in the past
There’s only now
There’s only
Track Name: Show Me Where
How soon
Do you want me
I will come
Knock at your door
I slip off my coat
The light is on
And you can see all that
I've done wrong

Turn again to the light
adored one

Tonight we can throw
Away the
Poetry and pretense
Just let me see you
See me
Ask and I will answer yes

yes yes yes yes

It's harder to not tell you
How I feel
Track Name: Fallen Out
How have I changed
Let me count the ways
All the hair on my head
Is new
All that you held in your
I threw
Down the drain
That is where our
Love decayed
No one is asking who
Did what
No one cares
Get it through your head
No one cares
I did it
I did something-
I drank until I-
Light turned on,
Light up all the
Ways and all
The points where
I went wrong
Don't mind me
Don't mind
They can't deny
Your suffering now
They can say
Who did it wrong
Cause it doesn't cost
Them a thing
It's not their ring
Make another parody of me
Track Name: How i Change
Quickly now,
Get the gun
Get it now
The fight is soon
Quickly now,
Don’t waste a second
To run
I wasn’t born of this
I wasn’t born on a sunny day
So what do you know?
David saw her bathing
Didn’t matter if she had a man
Didn’t matter what she meant
Where is my giant now
Strike him down
I am Vashti
Bathed in a king’s lies
Spent too much time
As a palace fixture to
Fix upon my face a smile
For the court to see
Just subjugate me
(Here comes Mordecai
To sell her out)
There is always someone younger
There is always someone younger
Waiting to take my place
Waiting to take my fate
Jealousy has given way to empathy
They don’t know
This is how I change
This is how I change
This is why I carved myself from
Their kingdom
This is why I changed
Track Name: Jaded, but With Hope
I felt old when
I was young. Now
I feel not old
Just weary of myself,
And how I’ve stumbled
Through the garden
Tripping over ivy, roses,
Fresh green things that
Left me jaded- and
When I screamed at
You back then that
No one had hurt
Me worse; I know
Now the blade I
Twisted, knowing you
Knew what came before
And I didn’t mean
It, darling, not in
The way I fear
You took it to mean-
I meant how can
I love you so, in
This way that burns
Through my chest,
And not feel the
Way you felt
Within me, no,
I always held
That tourniquet
You tied off
Tightly, I couldn’t
Face my blood
And I am the
One long scabbed
And scarred over,
It’s nothing,
No great mystery
Poured out
I was waiting
For a declaration
And I can wait
Til my dying
Day, my chest
Still burns, my
Darling, the
Fire rages on.
Track Name: Theatre of Days
Show me your hand
Tell me again
Everything will be alright
Yeah! wow...

I bought a new identity
From an auction
Look at me
I have all the right
Feathers now

Though they said I'm
Much too theatrical
Like a doll

I went downtown
I had every intention
Of meeting that man
But I found an old flame
Now I'm burning
Preferring nobody to tell me
You've seen too many men
You are a serial monogamist
Track Name: Heart's Not Open
Because I didn’t adhere
To their pain-
I did me a favour
And closed the door
They say my heart
Isn’t open
My heart isn’t open
But it has a lock
But it has a code
But it hasn’t eroded-
If you are one who practices kindness
If you are one who practices hope
If you are one who practices adventures
Track Name: Start
Don’t leave me now
Don’t believe it, how
If we kiss right now
Could it be the start

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